Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Hemophiliac" out now... and FREE!

Hey All,

You can download our new EP, “Hemophiliac”, for FREE @ BANDCAMP!

For some back story, we were originally planning on going into the studio to record a full length album, until about a month ago we found out that we weren’t going to have any financial support for the recording. We decided to record what we could afford to record ourselves. This release is entirely self-funded, and we want to give it away to anyone that is interested in listening. If you feel so inclined, you can “name your own price” and pay us whatever money you see fit for it, and if you want it for free, simply put in 0. Feel free to share this music & this download link with anyone you want. Post it anywhere you want. We hope you enjoy it!

For some info on the EP, it was recorded & produced by the wonderful John Agnello @ Headgear Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY. It was mastered by Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA. Our good friend John Allen took the beautifully strange cover photo. Our good friend Pat Morin did the artwork design of the physical CD copies which you can pick up at any of our upcoming shows. And last, but not least, the talented, Nick Curran, who took some lovely photographs.

We will be celebrating the release of this new EP in Boston on Saturday January 29 @ Brighton Music Hall w/ Taxpayer, Girlfriends, & Dirty Dishes, and in NYC on Saturday February 5 @ Pianos w/ The Vandelles, The Party Faithful, and Boom Chick. BIG thanks to all the bands playing these shows and to all of the people that have helped make this EP possible. We love all of you.

See you in the pit!

Love, Mean Creek

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hey everyone,

We’re currently at Headgear Studio in Brooklyn! We’re here recording our upcoming EP, “Hemophiliac”. As I type this, the great, John Agnello, is getting Mikey some monster drums sounds. Sounds deec, to say the least.

Check out video of Mikey’s luscious locks:

And Erik's roaring bass:

Until next time...

Love, Aurore
P.S. We also joined Tumblr, so feel free to check our updates over there, or continue to check 'em here at the BLOGSPOT site.