Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boston CD Release Show August 8

Hello Friends,

We are very excited to celebrate the completion and release of our new album "The Sky (Or The Underground)" on Saturday August 8 @ Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge. The new album is available now @ http://oldflamerecords.com/shop/, but will not be available in stores and online everywhere until Tuesday October 13. We will be doing this special early celebration here in Boston, and we would love you all to be there with us!

Erik, Mikey, Aurore, and I all put 100% of ourselves into this new album, and we are all very proud of it. It would mean everything to us to celebrate the release of this record with all of you. We will have CD and vinyl copies of the album, as well as a couple new t shirts that are looking pretty great! All album & t shirt artwork was done by the extremely talented Matt Gauk. Check his stuff out if you get a chance! - http://www.myspace.com/nextstopadventure

August 8 will also be a special night because our good friends Drug Rug will be celebrating the release of their new album "Paint The Fence Invisible". Check out some tracks here and get excited! - http://www.myspace.com/drugrugdude

See you at the show!

Love, Chris / Mean Creek

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