Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello again! We're slacking on the updates, we know, but we'd like to take this moment to bombard you with new tour dates and the announcement of our Boston CD release show!

First up, THIS SATURDAY (May 23rd), we'll be headed down to Piano's (NYC) to play with some great bands like, Hot Protestants, You Can Be A Wesley, and Fugitive Souls. Check out the poster below for deetz and come on down to cure your Saturday night fever!

Secondly, we've added some new tour dates with Cotton Jones and Buffalo Tom! We love, love, love, love them and we couldn't be more ecstatic to share the stage with both bands again. Don't miss out- check out the dates HERE!

Last but not least, we've announced our Boston CD release show! We've put our hearts and souls into this record and we cannot wait for y'all to hear it. Our beautiful and talented friends, DRUG RUG, will also be releasing their album this summer and they put their hearts and souls into their record.... that being said.... 2 hearts are better than 1! We're having a DUAL CD release show @ The Middle East (Downstairs)!! HOLYYYY SHIIITTTTT!!! Check the ol' Myspace for more info. Poster coming soon...

That pretty much covers it. Happy Testicle Tuesday!

Love, Mean Creek

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